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Granny: Escape the house of horrors

Get ready for some spine-tingling action in Granny! It's a creepy first-person horror game where you're up against your psycho grandma. Your job? Dodge her creepy traps and make a run for it before she gets you. Think you can outsmart her and escape the terror within five intense days? Take on the challenge of Granny's house and see if you've got what it takes to survive!

Similar to horror video games like Slender and Five Nights at Freddy's, Granny is a terrifying version of the classic hide-and-seek game where you must escape from your not-so-sweet grandma's house before she catches you.

Be careful with Granny

Granny is a premium first-person horror adventure game created by DVloper where scares are guaranteed. You have five days to escape from your grandmother's house, and you will start each day in a room. Here is what you get when you start playing Granny:

  • Stealth and survival: Maneuver through Granny's house, staying hidden and avoiding detection by the eerie matriarch with heightened hearing abilities.
  • Puzzles and escape: Solve cryptic puzzles and gather essential items to unlock doors, containers, and paths to freedom, all while evading Granny's deadly pursuit.
  • Defensive measures: Discover weapons scattered throughout the house to defend yourself against Granny, but remember, they offer only temporary reprieve.

This game begins with you awakening in a dimly lit room, experiencing a sense of dizziness as if something has struck your head. The darkness is overwhelming, and the only light source comes from your flashlight.

In this game, your primary objective is to navigate through Grandma's old house and successfully escape without alerting her to your presence. Considering Grandma's exceptional hearing abilities, stealth is crucial as you must move discreetly and refrain from making any noise. Any unexpected sound may draw her attention, prompting her to locate and eliminate you quickly. Remain alert as grandma actively roams the house in search of you. Be cautious, as she's not just a pursuer but also skillful at setting traps to hinder your escape.

Getting caught by Grandma will result in her knocking you out, leading to the conclusion of the current day and returning you to the initial bedroom. If caught on the fifth or final day, a game-over cutscene unfolds, featuring Grandma fatally eliminating you in a first-person perspective. Despite the formidable escape challenge, you do have an opportunity to defend yourself against Grandma. Explore the house to discover valuable items and weapons, using them strategically to render her unconscious or temporarily blind her.

As you progress, random objects will appear in your path that may seem unimportant but will be crucial for your survival. The environment is interactive, and the hints will guide you. If the grandmother is nearby, you can hide in the closets you find. You will encounter locked doors and containers with important items, although you must find their corresponding keys to open them. If the grandmother catches you, all your items will remain where you fell asleep, and you can retrieve them after waking up.

Game overview

Granny immerses players in a stealth-based survival experience. The objective: evade Granny's deadly grasp by navigating the house, solving puzzles, and collecting crucial items for escape. Stealth and silence are paramount as any noise could alert Granny, leading to a swift demise. Players have five intense days to flee, strategizing and utilizing the environment wisely.

The visuals create an eerie atmosphere, with dimly lit environments and attention to detail in character design and animation, enhancing the suspenseful gameplay.

Granny thrills players with haunting sound effects and a chilling soundtrack that intensify the horror experience. The audio elements complement the gameplay, heightening the tension as players attempt to outmaneuver Granny.

The game primarily focuses on a single-player experience, devoid of multiplayer or online components.

Is Granny a kids game?

Granny is inappropriate for children because of its explicit content, violent sequences, and intense gameplay.

Is Granny free?

While the game itself doesn't involve in-app purchases or ads that interrupt gameplay, it does require an upfront purchase to access the full content.

Granny system requirements

  • OS: Windows 7,8,10 64bit
  • Processor: Intel Core TM i5 750
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Sapphire Radeon HD 5770 1GB
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 1400 MB available space

Are you dare?

Granny is a heart-pounding first-person horror game where escaping your psychopathic grandmother's clutches is the sole objective. Stealth, puzzles, and survival tactics are your tools in navigating through a house teeming with terror. Evade Granny's deadly pursuit, solve puzzles, and gather vital items to secure your freedom within five intense days.

Ready to confront the terror of Granny's house? Challenge your survival instincts and immerse yourself in the nerve-wracking experience today. Download Granny and test your skills in a spine-chilling escape from the horrors lurking within her abode!


  • Varied difficulty levels
  • Strategic gameplay
  • Interactive environment


  • Mature content warning
  • Limited depth in storytelling

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Granny for PC

  • Paid

  • In English
  • V
  • 4.3

  • Security Status

User reviews about Granny

  • ღ Txunamy ღ

    by ღ Txunamy ღ

    this is so fun! I loved it

  • Beyo Nce

    by Beyo Nce

    I want this game so bad!!!!! :Doijpoijoijpoijoijoijpf

  • Kaslyn Daily

    by Kaslyn Daily

    it is super fun and different vision it is harder to play with 1 vision


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