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Scary survival game for PCs

Granny is a horror game series that includes a creepy cast of characters, like the paranormal grandma that is after you: Granny. Grandpa is a character that is introduced in the second installment of Granny. All the games in the series are set in first person. Your purpose is to escape the haunted house

Baldi’s Basics Education and Learning and Roblox Piggy are alternatives to Granny that include NPCs that chase you. All the gaming titles include puzzles that you need to solve to escape yet none of the games are kid friendly. Baldi’s Basics is slightly more educational than Granny and Piggy are. Piggy is said to be based on Granny. 

What is Granny?

Granny is a survival game with surprises. You have five days to escape the house, and you will begin each of the days in a room. The original Granny gameplay begins in a bedroom, while the second release starts in an empty room. You wake up in a cell in the basement in Granny 3.

While the two earliest releases do not lock the room, the most recent version makes you pick the lock to exit the cell. You will have a puzzle to piece together along the way to escape. Random objects will appear that may seem unimportant yet are crucial to your survival. The environment is interactive, and tips will guide you along the way.

Closets are available to hide in in case Granny or Grandpa are close to you. Certain storages may be locked, and keys can be found to unlock the padlocks. You can often find important items behind locked doors. Items that you have when Granny or Grandpa injure you will be left in that spot. You can go back to retrieve the tools once you wake up again.

Blood is shown when psycho Granny or Grandpa hurt you. The scenery is eerie, and the old houses make sounds when you walk around. Granny and Grandpa are listening to your movements to follow you. You will make noise when you close doors, drop something, etc. Granny mainly uses a bat, while Grandpa will use a hook or shotgun depending on the version you play. 

Granny sets traps around the house to catch you, and you will be slowed down when you get caught by the traps. While the puzzle portion of the game is interesting, the gory animations are repulsive. Since Granny can play tricks on you, you may complete a puzzle that puts you in a trap.

Why is Granny so scary?

Granny and Grandpa are constantly chasing you. Slendrina is their granddaughter who is married to Slenderman. Another ghost in the storyline is Angeline who killed her daughter and husband with poison. Angeline is the daughter of Granny and mother of Slendrina. Both Angeline and Slendrina were murdered according to the story.

While the lore can be interpreted differently, a common perception is that Granny killed her daughter. You can find the ghost of Angeline shackled to the wall during the game. Granny and Slendrina are partners in the game. While Slenderina does not pose physical threats to you, she purposely appears as a distraction to let Granny catch you.

A key moment in the game can happen where Slendrina helps you. Slendrina and Slenderman had a child that looks like a spider. Granny and Grandpa can cause you the most harm. You can choose whether you want to play with both Granny and Grandpa or only one of the two.

The difficulty is increased when Granny and Grandpa are both after you. You can select the level of difficulty before you begin a new game. Easy, normal, hard, and extreme are options to choose. A practice mode is available to test your skills. You can choose whether you want music to be on or off. The quality is available in either low or high resolutions.

Creepy game filled with mystery

Granny is a mysterious adventure game that is filled with trial and error. You will need to devise a successful plan to leave the premises. While the balance between creativity and logic makes Granny enticing, the gruesome graphics may be enough to make you not want to play.

What’s new?

The developers are actively updating Granny. You can play Granny on mobile phones, tablets, computers, or laptops. The download is available for Android, iOS, and Microsoft Windows PC devices.


  • Fast paced
  • Cross platform
  • Puzzles to solve
  • Interesting lore to explore


  • Repetitive gameplay
  • Gruesome graphics and sounds

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Granny for PC

  • Paid
  • In English
  • V 1.2.1
  • 4.3
  • (1170)
  • Security Status

User reviews about Granny

  • ღ Txunamy ღ

    by ღ Txunamy ღ

    this is so fun! I loved it

  • Beyo Nce

    by Beyo Nce

    I want this game so bad!!!!! :Doijpoijoijpoijoijoijpf

  • Kaslyn Daily

    by Kaslyn Daily

    it is super fun and different vision it is harder to play with 1 vision


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